Episode #23: The key to changing your environment

(Photo above courtesy of Beau Lancaster)

Today we’re speaking with Beau Lancaster, a historian-in-training in Brooklyn, New York, who runs a YouTube channel and podcast called the Shady Historian. Beau’s dream is to be a historian who works in media spaces and he’s currently in grad school. But his journey there wasn’t easy. It all started with a very challenging environment.

We’re going to hear his story today from the perspective of a very universal question: Why am I in the environment I’m in? And what can I do to change it?

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Cheat Sheet

0:31 Beau’s search for safety

3:27 Why he started chanting

9:40 What Buddhism says about changing our environment

16:14 How he decided to change his own

19:59 The role chanting played in discerning his true worth

23:33 The steps he took to develop his career

30:09 Why chanting is like fuel

34:02 How he stopped struggling with his past

37:15 How to change your own environment

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