Day 15: You are fearless and worthy

(Photo above by Cooper Baumgartner)

We’ve just hit the halfway point of our Buddhability Journey, congratulations! Now we can continue our wonderful growth in week three. Let’s get started:

As you chant today, remind yourself that you are completely capable of achieving whichever goal you set.

Share how you are fearless and worthy using #buddhability.

Academy award winning costume designer Sharen Davis, shares in her Buddhability story:


I felt like I could achieve anything with this Buddhism and that I didn’t need anyone’s help. I fought through my sadness and learned that even my negativity could become something of value. These internal changes opened a new path in my career.

Sharen Davis

To give us a rundown of week three, we reached out to our friend Stephen, of San Diego, where he tells you everything you need to know.

Happy chanting today!

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