Day 18: Inspire someone

(Photo above) by Tanya Pro

We don’t need to be perfect to inspire someone else. Sometimes what inspires others is how we pick ourselves up after a rejection. Or how we support someone who’s disrespected us. Inspiring others just means to live authentically and with courage, knowing if we can bring that out of ourselves, it will spread those qualities to those around us.

Today, in addition to chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo for however long we choose, let’s think:

What is one thing you can do to inspire a friend? Share something from Buddhability with them? Send them a nice message?

Rachel Mundus, of Detroit, is someone we find incredibly inspiring. After living through a devastating accident, she didn’t give up on her dreams and eventually found work at a dental clinic in Detroit. She shares:

This clinic is crucial to Detroit because people without commercial insurance and those experiencing homelessness and mental illness historically have lacked access to dental care, leaving many people in oral pain. Every day, I see a sense of hopelessness in the community I work in, and the only way I’ve learned to create hope has been through the conviction that I can transform any situation because I have Buddhability.

Rachel Mundus

Rachel Mundus surrounded by nature

Photo by Michelle Grambeau

Happy chanting today!

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