Day 2: Create A Vision

(Photo above by Anna Tarazevich / Pexels)

Welcome to Day 2! Enjoy your time chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo today (for however long you’d like.) Here is today’s daily action to accompany your chanting.

Create a vision: what is something you really want to change or see happen in the next 27 days?

Goals come in all shapes and sizes. It can be as simple as setting time aside to read a good book each day. Or if something is really bothering you, you can definitely set a goal to resolve it. If you’re in the middle of painting your masterpiece, you can set a goal to complete it. It’s completely up to you.

A person looking at a board of papers with goals written on them.

Photo by Startup Stock Photos / Pexels

Here is the Buddhability Guide to Setting Goals

And if you’d like to share your goal with the Buddhability community, use #buddhability or tag us @buddhability on InstagramTwitter or Facebook.

Happy chanting!

Your friends at Buddhability

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