Day 22: How not to compare ourselves

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Comparing ourselves to others—we all do it. And social media doesn’t help. In fact, it’s proven the more we consume it the worse we feel about ourselves. But Buddhism offers a solution. Today, in addition to chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo for however long we choose, let’s:

Remind ourselves that there is only one person we ever need to compare ourselves to: the person we were yesterday to the person we are today.

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Buddhist teacher Daisaku Ikeda writes:

Nothing is irredeemable in youth. The only real mistake you can make when you are young is giving up on yourself or allowing fear of failure to prevent you from trying to accomplish something. The past is the past; the future is the future. Look to the future and keep moving forward, telling yourself, Everything starts from today—it starts from now, this minute, this moment!

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Happy chanting!

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