Day 23: More Confidence

(Photo above by Andrei Lazarev / Unsplash)

It feels like nothing is more fleeting than confidence. One moment we’re fearless, the next the slightest comment can leave us questioning ourselves. But chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is the ultimate way to build confidence and believe in ourselves. That’s why today:

Think about some area of life you just don’t feel confident about? Work, a relationship, family? Think about it today as you’re chanting and know you have the Buddhability within to completely change the situation.

When we chant we are not just convincing ourselves we have limitless potential, we are actually awakening to the truth that we have limitless potential and can win over any problem.

To walk us through the daily actions and chanting tips for our final week of the journey is our friend Cassidy from Chicago.

Happy chanting today!

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