Day 4: Appreciation = Motivation

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Good morning!

Heaps of research show that those who frequently think about what they are appreciative of tend to be more optimistic, have more enjoyment and generally feel better about their lives. So today, in addition to chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo for however long you choose, you can also:

Think of one thing that has happened in the last three months that you are appreciative of.

Write down what you are appreciative of or share with the Buddhability community using #buddhability.

Bottom line: Appreciation gives us motivation and confidence.

Having gratitude for those who support us actually motivates us to do amazing things. We naturally want to become great people. Why? So we can make those who have helped us feel proud they contributed to our lives.

Gratitude also gives us confidence. We remember how others have valued and taught us and, it reminds us that we are worthy of such care and support.

But what if we feel unappreciated?

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Happy chanting today!

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