Day 17: Celebrate today

(Photo above by Jean Carlo Emer / Unsplash)

Every day it’s good to find something to celebrate. And today you have a really good reason. So let’s:

Celebrate once you hit your chanting goal. You’re really on fire here!

Help others feel the joyful vibe by sharing #buddhability or inviting them on this journey.

Chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo helps us to feel great on the inside, which leads to big changes in the world around us.

Designer and stylist Aleali May shares,

Through my chanting I’ve been able to gain self-confidence, really loving myself. It’s like this glow. You can’t explain it but you can feel it.

This change on the inside led her to collaborate with Air Jordan on a shoe, becoming the second woman in history to do so.

Happy chanting today!

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