7 Supportive Texts to Send Someone Who Needs It

(Photo above by Jonathon Burton / Pexels)

Want to support your friend but don’t know what to say? We’re here to help.

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues through the new year, we may feel more isolated than ever. But did you know that the best way to overcome feelings of loneliness is to support another person?

Here are seven supportive texts to send to a friend. It will make both you and your friend feel supported and connected, promise.

  1. Hey! I’ve been thinking about you and just wanted to reach out to see how you’re doing.

Taking a moment to let someone know you’ve been thinking of them can make their day. It’s nice to know that someone wants to know how you’re doing and is there for you. This kind of message goes a long way.

  1. I remember you shared with me that you’ve been having a hard time at work. I just read this article about How to Find Happiness at Your Job that you might like!

Don’t you love when someone remembers what you’ve been going through and even goes so far as to recommend some helpful tips? Showing someone you listened to them and are aware of their struggles builds trust and makes us feel embraced.

  1. Omg I just listened to a song that reminded me of you and how inspiring you are. Let’s catch up sometime!

If we haven’t talked to someone in a while that’s OK. Whenever we reach out is a good time.

  1. Thinking of you and how much of a light you are in my life. Thank you for being there for me.

This may seem simple but expressing appreciation brings joy. And we could all use some joy.

  1. Want to have a virtual hang out? I would love to reconnect!

Initiating a time to spend together (virtually, of course) is so meaningful. Making time to connect can help you feel like you’re not alone. Don’t hesitate to reach out to that friend you’ve been thinking about or your childhood friend that you haven’t been talking to in a while.

  1. I know you’ve been going through a lot so I just wanted to share this inspiring quote I just read from the Buddhist teacher Daisaku Ikeda: “When facing adversity, we may think we’ve reached our l limit, but actually the more trying the circumstances, the closer we are to making a breakthrough.”

Words of encouragement. We could all use some. Finding an encouraging passage or quote from someone can give them hope.

  1. This year hasn’t been easy but throughout it all, I feel so thankful to have you in my life.

Even just reading this message is heartwarming. Buddhability is all about building that type of genuine connection with other people.

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