Day 2: A Buddhist Life Hack for Feeling Disconnected

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What we expect from our relationships and what we experience can be two different things. But it’s the disconnect between the two that causes feelings of loneliness. That’s why even if we’re around people, it doesn’t offer a sense of connection.

Here is today’s Buddhist life hack for overcoming loneliness:  

Be the one to take the first step in connecting with others.

Here’s a new video that breaks down how to use this life hack to find someone to open up to as well as a community that will support you no matter what.

Buddhist philosopher Daisaku Ikeda explains:

Our human relationships are like a mirror. So if you’re thinking, “If only so-and-so were a little nicer to me, I could talk to her about anything,” then that person is probably thinking, “If only so-and-so would open up to me, I would be nicer to her.” You should make the first move to open the channels of communication.


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