What’s Your “Why” for Taking Care of You?

(Photo above by Angela Roma / Pexels)

We asked our Buddhability community members: What’s your “why” when it comes to taking care of your health?

Health isn’t simply about how we look or what we eat. For each person, living a healthy life can look and feel different, and that’s great!

We should never buy in to the notion that we need to fit some standard or diet to live a healthy life. On a deeper level, Buddhist philosopher Daisaku Ikeda defines health this way:

Health is not simply the absence of illness. Real health is the will to overcome every form of adversity and use even the worst of circumstances as a springboard for new growth and development. Simply put, the essence of health is the constant renewal and rejuvenation of life.

Daisaku Ikeda

Anyone can live this kind of life. Chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo on a daily basis is the fuel Buddhists use to overcome every form of adversity. It’s a recipe for living the healthiest life, because we develop the wisdom and motivation to treasure our lives.

But it’s not always easy to keep pushing. So, going back to the initial question—what’s your why? Read five responses from Buddhability community members that we found inspiring.

I know that it will make me feel better and happier, and give me more energy to take on the day!

Because I am worth it! I’m worthy enough to deserve time to take care of myself.

Because there’s so much I want to do.

To have a long life to be able to do the things I want to do.

My kids, to be active and have more energy to play sports and be comfortable outdoors.

So, what’s your “why” for taking care of you?

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