6 Perfect Reads for Whatever You’re Facing

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Buddhism is about the art of living. That’s why we can apply Buddhist philosophy to every aspect of our life.

Below is a list of Buddhist books for whatever you may be facing. Because there is no problem that Buddhism can’t help us with.

What do I with my life?

Feeling stressed out about the future and what you want to do with your life? You Were Born to Win is a book about finding perspective and purpose while young.

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Navigating High School

Social media has turned high school into a 24-hour-a-day event. How can someone truly value their life when they are constantly compared to others? The Victorious Teen is a Buddhist book about valuing yourself and find a path forward in your teens.

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New Parents

Sleepless nights, juggling so many different responsibilities, supporting your children through their various challenges. Happy Parents, Happy Kids is a book about how the inner transformation of the parent can lead to a transformation of their family.

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Getting Answers to Big Questions

Buddhism can be applied to personal challenges like transforming a difficult relationship or getting to work on time. It can also be applied to the big, eternal questions. Unlocking the Mysteries of Birth and Death is about grappling with the big questions from a Buddhist perspective.

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How can we take the best care of ourselves?

Maybe looking at your new year’s resolutions is sending you on a huge guilt trip about taking care of your health. On Health And Long Life can give you fresh inspiration on taking care of your health and living a long life.

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How can we create a society of peace and justice?

Buddhist philosopher Daisaku Ikeda dialogues with civil rights pioneer Dr. Vincent Harding, on eradicating racism, war and poverty—a deeply moving book, The Courage to Dream, for anyone who wants to change the world.


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