What is Buddhability?

(Photo above by Gemma Chua Tran / Unsplash)

Buddhability is an ability we all have within ourselves to change our lives.

The reality is, we’re already enlightened. It’s only as we face obstacles, stress and our own messiness, that we start to forget it. This is a compassionate, real community where you are asked to believe in yourself again.

Static image of a quote from Daisaku Ikeda

Daisaku Ikeda

When we chant, we’re tapping into the Buddhability inside each of us, changing our lives and the people around us for the better. We are reminding ourselves that even in the face of challenges, we have the grit to overcome them and accept them as part of our life. And we can inspire others to do the same.

It’s a practice that lets you find your inner Buddha and see the potential in others. It’s a place to not only be known, but be unconditionally accepted. It’s a movement where you take action to grab hold of your own happiness, purpose, growth and healing and extend these things to the world.

It’s not a question of if we have Buddhability, but when we choose to believe it. 

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