Advice from Buddhist teens on social anxiety

(Photo above by Cottonbro / Pexels)

Today we’re tackling social anxiety, which feels like it has become ubiquitous since the pandemic began. Social interactions seem to take more energy after being physically distanced for so long. The world feels more polarized and therefore, a bit more intimidating. And then there’s the real fear of social interaction.

Given all of this, the approaching holiday season and the fact that many Americans are still adjusting to in-person school and work, we reached out to a few Buddhist teenagers to ask for their advice on how to deal with social anxiety.

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Cheat Sheet

0:55 What is social anxiety?

3:18 Meet Nico, Kimmy and Sudha

3:57 How they started practicing Buddhism

9:14 Their favorite Buddhist concepts

11:34 What it’s been like to go back to school

19:30 Their best advice for social anxiety

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