Buddhism, relativity and science

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Today we’re speaking with two friends and scientists, Tee Ponsukcharoen and Siraput Jongaramrungruang, about their intertwined journeys from studying science to practicing Buddhism together.

Originally from Thailand, they both came to California to complete their doctorates, but along the way, they discovered a far greater sense of purpose than they could have imagined.

We cover everything from how and why they were attracted to Buddhism, how they navigated their own attachments to logic, and how concepts from physics, like relativity and string theory, connect to Buddhism.

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Cheat Sheet

1:00 Introduction to Tee and Siraput

2:34 Why Siraput started chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo

5:23 How he introduced Tee to chanting

10:31 The dilemma Tee faced after completing his Ph.D.

18:11 Siraput’s experience encouraging his friend

20:58 What changed after Tee started practicing Buddhism

27:16 How Buddhism enables us to see ourselves clearly

32:17 Two concepts that Buddhism and science have in common

42:25 Siraput’s favorite Buddhist quote

46:53 Tee’s favorite Buddhist quote

49:31 How Tee views his work as a scientist now

52:08 Advice for anyone who values logic over spirituality

56:35 Key takeaways from today’s episode

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