Buddhist Friends for Life (Part 1)

(Photo above by Pixabay / Pexels)

We have a two-part episode for you today, all about the Buddhist community. In the SGI we meet in local neighborhood groups (these days over zoom) to figure out how to apply Buddhism to our daily lives, together.

After all, research shows that giving help to others by listening and providing empathy and encouragement, gives us positive emotional and cognitive benefits in return.

On this episode, Caitlin, Jahmela and Karina walk us through their own experience doing just that (#struggleictory). Part 1 covers what to expect at Buddhist meetings, what the purpose of the community is and how Caitlin and Jahmela were able to give and gain support in their own local communities. And next week, we’ll be back with part 2 about Karina’s story of facing and transforming her past with support from her Buddhist friends, as well as advice for anyone who has just finished the 28-Day Buddhability Journey.

If you would like to connect to a local Buddhist community virtually in your area, email us!

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Cheat Sheet

1:36 Introduction to Caitlin, Jahmela and Karina

12:26 What to expect when you go to a Buddhist meeting

17:04 Caitlin’s Story

32:28 Jahmela’s Story

40:53 Coming up on Part 2

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