Building a career you love

(Photo above by Jiawei Cui / Pexels)

Today we’re talking about careers, a topic that we plan to cover from many different perspectives on future episodes.

Our guest is Louise Ocasion, who started practicing Buddhism when she was in college and struggling with a deep sense of confusion about what to do with her life. Today, she’s a corporate executive who has worked at some of the biggest entertainment companies in the world, but the journey to get here was filled with twists and turns. In short, it’s all about how to develop true confidence in your own voice, and true humility if you do achieve success, especially in a competitive environment.

Key Takeaway: Inner transformation is a never-ending process, and along with being relentless in your efforts to achieve your goals, truly believing in yourself means looking honestly at what’s holding you back on the inside, as much as on the outside.

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Cheat Sheet

1:24 Louise’s childhood as an immigrant

4:20 Why she started chanting in college

12:45 What it feels like to compare yourself to other people

13:59 How chanting helped her get through school

16:20 How she found her way to marketing

20:52 The concept of beauty, benefit and good

31:31 How she dealt with negative feedback

44:33 Advice for anyone who is trying to build their career right now

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