Honoring My Parents by Fighting for My Dreams

(Photo above by Wanchai Thiantanawat / Pexels)

Amid a painful reality that can’t be changed, like a family member’s terminal disease, how can we still create hope?

Today we’re discussing how tapping into our Buddhability—the limitless wisdom, courage, and compassion we each possess—can help us transform our attitude, create a beautiful life, and accomplish our dreams amid a difficult reality.

Our guest is Jonathan Cheng, of New York City, who shares how he is courageously accomplishing his dreams as a filmmaker to honor his parents and fight for their eternal happiness.

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Cheat Sheet

7:52 Why Jonathan decided to start chanting

10:26 Developing confidence in college and finding your place

13:30 Starting your first post-college job

25:28 Navigating grief at the height of COVID

31:48 Finding meaning in our struggles

39:31 Finding courage to fight for your dreams

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