How I stopped letting anger and fear control me

(Photo above by Javier Gonzalez / Pexels)

Fear and anger can be overpowering. Especially when they’re grounded in past and deeply personal experiences. While our fears may feel justified, they can also hold us back from accomplishing our goals and living a happy life. Today we’re talking about how to uproot those tendencies in our lives and transform them for our happiness.

Today’s guest, Krithi Byadgi, of San Francisco, shares how she used her Buddhist practice to transform her deep anger and fear into the courage and joy needed to strive for a harmonious family and her dream career.

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Cheat Sheet

4:28 How Krithi’s family encountered SGI Nichiren Buddhism

11:09 Uncovering and facing self-doubt

17:17 Having the wisdom and courage to seek therapy

20:12 Transforming fear into courage

31:06 From women’s shelters to a home of her own

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