How my daily ups and downs led to overall growth

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Today, we’re talking about what it really takes to build a foundation for your life. It’s a theme we’ve explored before on the show but one that looks different for all of us.

Our guest is George Wong, of San Francisco, California, who shares how his Buddhist practice of chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo has allowed him to turn his difficulties with school and self-worth into a career creating value from every experience.

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Cheat Sheet

2:44 Getting rejected from college inspires George to start practicing Buddhism

10:44 Previous setback turns into a great breakthrough

16:55 Struggling with impostor syndrome

25:48 Importance of never giving up, even if you’re not sure where you’re headed

32:13 Seeing long-term growth despite daily ups and downs

35:43 Each experience has deep meaning

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