How Sasha Lee learned to view her problems as opportunities

(Photo above courtesy of Sasha Lee)

Struggles are an unavoidable part of life. While it may seem counterintuitive to view them as opportunities, Buddhism teaches that we can use each problem in our life as fuel for our happiness. Today we’re discussing how overcoming challenges builds an unshakable and undefeated self.

Today’s guest, Sasha Lee, of Oahu, who supports small businesses as an influencer and TV personality, shares how she started to see that obstacles were opportunities for her growth and the powerful role a friend’s encouragement can play.

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Cheat Sheet

4:50 Sasha’s desire to learn about Buddhism

9:00 The power of one friend’s encouragement

14:40 Finding purpose in an unhappy job

24:50 Unsolicited comments fuel insecurity

29:20 Determining to encourage others with her victory

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