How small goals add up to big dreams

(Photo above courtesy of Seon Yeop Jung)

This week’s episode is about how to build the confidence to pursue a big dream. Seon Yeop Jung shares how he using chanting and goal-setting to rebuild the confidence he lost due to bullying. By pursuing one small goal after another, he discovered his dream of being a scientist and educator.

Key takeaway: If you don’t believe in yourself right now because of whatever you may have faced in the past, it’s OK. Just start wherever you are with one small goal and you’ll discover your purpose along the way.


0:35 Introduction to Seon

4:30 How bullying affected his childhood

8:29 What he realized when he started chanting

11:59 Why he set a goal of studying for 10 hours

13:50 How achieving minor goals can build your confidence

16:58 How to apply chanting to specific goals

19:08 What if you get stuck?

23:16 How having supportive friends can help

24:53 What Seon’s dream is now

27:24 3 keys to never giving up

29:46 Seon’s advice to anyone pursuing a dream

30:44 Today’s key takeaway

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