How to bring main character energy to your life

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Today we’re talking about what it takes to live your life as the main character or protagonist. Our guest is Nadia Ullah Morin, of Texas, who shares her journey practicing Buddhism after an unexpected series of events took her off the life path she had envisioned for herself. Through consistently chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, she found the courage to create a new path for herself. 

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Cheat Sheet

1:10 How Nadia encountered Buddhism

3:50 Why it felt hard for her to continue practicing

12:26 How becoming a young mom impacted her life and self-worth

14:12 What drove her to begin chanting consistently

20:28 The role the Buddhist community played in her life

24:08 The turning point that transformed her marriage

37:00 How she came to love her life

39:54 Living life as the main character

45:27 Her favorite Buddhist concept

49:52 Why community is so important

52:41 Advice for anyone who feels like they’ve lost their way

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