How to find your place within your family

(Photo above courtesy of Priya Gunaseharan)

As we enter into a most unusual holiday season, we’re thinking a lot about what family means and how tapping into your Buddhability can impact your loved ones. If you’ve ever felt unsure of your place in your family, or like you wish you could connect with them better, this story is worth a listen. Priya Gunaseharan shares the story of how she found her own voice by helping her grandmother find hers, entirely through a series of phone calls.

Key takeaway: If you try your best to accept others the way they are, you’ll find you can finally do the same for yourself.

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Cheat Sheet

00:35 Introduction to the episode

3:25 How Priya started chanting

5:17 Why she struggled to express herself within her family

9:18 How she decided to start calling her grandma

14:47 What to do when you love someone who can be also hurtful

18:03 What Priya chanted about

24:46 What her dream for her family is

28:04 What she learned about her grandmother

29:58 How Priya feels in her family now

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