Winning Morning, Winning Life

(Photo above by Bianca Gonçalves / Pexels)

This week, we speak with Rory Arnaud about what a daily Buddhist practice in the morning can do for you. The fact is, most of us haven’t even scratched the surface of what we are capable of accomplishing, learning and giving in this lifetime. Today’s key lesson is that if you can consistently win over yourself in the morning through chanting, you can unearth a treasure trove of wisdom, energy and courage and completely transform how you see yourself and the world.

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Cheat Sheet

0:37 Introduction to today’s topic

1:52 Rory’s story

7:00 What losing a friend taught him about life

8:50 What his mornings used to feel like

10:00 How they changed after he started chanting

11:57 How he decided to start a company

17:12 What winning in the morning means

19:20 What he’s up against each morning

22:56 The question that keeps him motivated every single day

27:04 Advice for Rory’s younger self (or anyone listening)

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