My first steps chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo

(Photo above by Jessika Arraes / Pexels)

On this episode, we’re speaking with Nikolas Spayne, of Chicago, who started chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo just last year, when he remembered having heard about Buddhism and decided to look it up. Like many of us, the stress of the pandemic, the constant stream of negative news and big questions about his own life and future had him seeking a fresh path forward.

Today he walks us step-by-step through his first year of Buddhist practice.

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Cheat Sheet

00:54 How Nikolas encountered Buddhism

8:02 Why he decided to start chanting on his own

10:41 How his mornings transformed when he started chanting

15:13 His approach to goal-setting

17:37 When he decided to reach out to the Buddhist community

21:18 What his first Buddhist meeting was like

29:39 How bringing all three elements of Buddhist practice together impacted his life

34:38 The biggest change he has experienced

38:12 His favorite Buddhist concepts

42:20 How he developed a sense of mission

47:57 How he defines his Buddhability

50:19 Advice for anyone new to chanting

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