Navigating Career Setbacks

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Today we’re talking about navigating job challenges, an aspect of life that be universal difficult, whether you are facing job loss, trying to find a job, navigating a tough industry or having a hard time believing in yourself at work. Our guest is Mehul Anand, of Georgia, who shares the ups and downs of her career in tech, and the profound lessons her Buddhist practice helped her learn along the way.

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Cheat Sheet

2:39 Why Mehul started chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo

6:24 An overview of her career trajectory, which didn’t go as planned

10:55 How she learned to use her Buddhist practice to navigate finding work

15:54 What protection means in Buddhism

21:52 The inner transformation she experienced through a long period of unemployment

28:29 Practical action to take when facing a difficult situation

33:50 Mehul’s turning point

38:13 What mission means in Buddhism

41:34 Mehul’s favorite Buddhist quotes

48:57 Advice for anyone who is currently facing a job-related struggle

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