Never giving up on your dream

(Photo above by Mary Taylor / Pexels)

Today we’re talking about how not to give up on your dream.

Even if we discover our dream job or purpose at a young age, on the path to pursuing it, we often have to grapple with our own self-doubt, tough decisions, and at times, challenging and unexpected obstacles.

Today we’re talking to Michael Cornell, a 5th-grade teacher in New York City. After struggling with anxiety and depression during graduate school, and then facing the realities of education in NYC, his journey in education became more and more challenging. But when he discovered Buddhism along the way, chanting helped him expand his own vision for education and develop the spirit to do his best at every task in front of him.

Key takeaway: Our environment doesn’t need to dictate whether we feel we are on the right path or not. Rather, by tapping into our Buddhability through chanting, we can create the conditions to advance toward our dreams, no matter what’s happening around us.

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Cheat Sheet

1:24 How Michael discovered his passion for education

4:21 Why he was drawn to Buddhism

10:58  What his vision for education was

14:23 How chanting impacted his daily life

32:41 What a value-creation based vision for education looks like

39:01 How to create the conditions for trust and success

46:20 The award Michael is currently up for

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