On self-respect and love in relationships

(Photo above by Yaroslav Shuraev / Pexels)

Today we are talking about relationships and specifically addressing a few questions that we’ve received from listeners, which are: How do I decide if the person I’m with is the one? What does Buddhism say about creating a healthy long-term relationship? And how can I support my partner while also supporting myself?

Our guest is Faith Jones, a young woman whose journey with Buddhism is intertwined with her relationship experience. Practicing Buddhism helped her identify a tendency to seek happiness based on external validation, not only in relationships but also at work and in other situations. She shares her story today, which is filled with so many practical insights, applicable to relationships of all kinds.

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Cheat Sheet

2:17 How Faith encountered Buddhism through her partner

6:28 Why she started chanting

8:19 Her pattern of seeking validation through relationships

12:48 The story of her relationship with Cole

22:14 What it was like to support his transition and go through her own transformation

25:25 How she chanted through the process

28:48 How to support your partner without controlling them

35:10 How to decide to be with someone for the long term

41:24 Navigating feeling erased by someone else’s story

43:58 Her favorite Buddhist concept

48:10 Advice to anyone who might be feeling insecure in their relationship

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