Overcoming the need to control things

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Today we’re exploring what the power of a daily practice of chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo can really do for you, specifically if you struggle with feelings of helplessness, anxiety or a need to control things.

Will Moody, of New Orleans, shares his story of what Buddhism calls “human revolution,” or inner transformation, the process of tapping into your Buddhability on a daily basis to change your life and environment. After struggling with anxiety and a tendency to micromanage everyone in his environment, including himself, Will learned to replace his fear with belief in himself. Step by step, he saw his environment change profoundly.

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Cheat Sheet

1:31 Introduction to Will

1:56 How he was introduced to chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and why he started

3:56 The early experiences that contributed to his anxiety

9:28 What changed when he started chanting

13:32 How he feels now

16:25 What his anxiety and need for control used to look like

22:57 How Buddhist study helped him transform his tendency

32:52 What change looked like for him

38:56 On setting intentions for relationships

45:02 What an average day looks like when you chant

50:46 Advice for anyone who is struggling with anxiety or feeling out of control

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