What is Buddhability and how can I tap into it?

(Photo above courtesy of Cynthia McCright)

Welcome to Buddhability, a new weekly podcast about the amazing ability people have to change their lives and the world.

On this episode, we welcome you to the show and Buddhability universe, and speak with Cynthia McCright about what Buddhability is and how you can tap into it.

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Cheat Sheet

0:00 Welcome to Buddhability

1:38 Basics of Buddhism

3:45 How and why Cynthia started chanting

6:53 What she was able to tap into by chanting

10:25 What believing in yourself actually means

13:52 How chanting can help you transform your biggest fears

19:35 Why working hard at the thing in front of you can impact all parts of your life

22:42 How chanting gets deeper over time, and chanting vs. mindfulness

27:11 Cynthia’s big takeaway for everyone listening

28:16 Recap of today’s discussion

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