What It Takes, A Love Story

(Photo above by Hoang Loc / Pexels)

This week, we’re talking about love. Well, specifically what it takes to be in a committed relationship for the long haul. Ian and Audrey McIlraith, who are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this year, tell us the story of how they overcame their own fears of being alone and of being good enough, to create a happy family.

Here are their secrets: if you want to find a life partner and stay together through life’s storms, you need to be willing to confront your fears, see yourself honestly and strive for a shared goal.

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Cheat Sheet

0:39 Introduction to today’s topic

2:01 Introduction to Ian, Audrey and how they met

4:15 How they each starting practicing Buddhism

6:30 What their mindsets toward relationships were before they met

16:23 How they challenged fears of being alone, and being good enough

18:30 How chanting helped them overcome an accident and a long journey to have kids

21:56 Why self-transformation and respect are so key to relationships

27:11 Their advice to anyone struggling with a relationship (or finding a partner)

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