What you do isn’t who you are

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Today we speak with Los Angeles-based actor Luca Manganaro, who shares his intertwined journey with acting and Buddhism and the lessons he learned along the way.

Key takeaway: what you do, especially if you’re currently pursuing a big dream or goal that seems far away, isn’t who you are. Who you are is based on what you practice every day, how you show up in relationships, how you treat the people around you and what you base your self-worth on.

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Cheat Sheet

1:46 How Luca started practicing Buddhism

6:03 How chanting helped him transform a lifelong health challenge

13:27 How he decided to pursue acting in New York

21:05 What Buddhism taught him about dealing with the ups and downs of the business

30:25 Why he believes in having a Buddhist mentor

36:02 How he developed a foundation for his life through community

42:41 What caring for other people has to do with our own growth

51:27 Advice for anyone new to Buddhism who wants to feel fulfilled

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