Winning Over Perfectionism

(Photo above by Berk Ozdemir / Pexels)

Buddhism teaches us that our lives are precious just as they are. This can be hard to believe if we struggle with self-criticism and strive for flawlessness. Fortunately, each time we chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, we tap into our limitless wisdom, courage, and compassion and challenge our inner critic head-on.

Today, Clark Harrell, of Seattle, Washington, shares how fighting perfectionism helped him enjoy his Buddhist practice, musical pursuits and everyday life.

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Cheat Sheet

10:10 Clark discovers Buddhism through jazz

15:45 First steps in Buddhist practice

25:21 Placing self-worth in achievements

29:43 Getting support from his Buddhist community

41:09 Chanting without self-criticism

54:18 Community is the key to never giving up

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