You Asked: If we’ve hurt someone, how should we make things right?

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Thank you for this sincere question. The fact that you want to make things right is half the battle. The Buddhist philosopher Daisaku Ikeda clearly shares what we can do:

Everyone makes mistakes. There is no disgrace in that. It would be a shame, however, to let a mistake paralyze us out of a sense of discouragement or failure. It would also, be a shame to repeat the same error. When we make a mistake, it is important to deeply reflect and learn from it, and then resolve to never repeat it. In this way, a mistake can become a springboard for significant growth. And when that happens, a mistake is transformed into a valuable experience for our life.

June 2013 Living Buddhism, p. 36

If we’ve made a mistake or done something we regret, it is important to reflect and take responsibility. However, taking responsibility is different from thinking the worst thing about ourselves.

When we chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo we can reflect on our life and awaken to our Buddhability to discover the best way forward. By engaging in this process, we can become the best version of ourselves, which translates into how we behave in our relationships. By reflecting and chanting before we act, we can move forward in the best way for everyone involved.

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