Angelica Ross on How to Get the World to See You as YOU

This episode is a masterclass in how to get the world to see you the way you see yourself.

We speak with trans rights activist, actress (you might recognize her as Candy from FX’s Pose) and founder of TransTech Social Enterprises, Angelica Ross. She constantly shares about Buddhism in interviews, but today we’re talking about a deeply personal part of her life that chanting helped her transform: her relationship with her mom.

For more from Angelica, also see our recent IGTV video.

Cheat Sheet

0:00 Welcome to Buddhability

0:34 Intro to Angelica Ross

1:20 How Angelica transformed her relationship with her mom

7:06 What chanting allowed her to bring out of her own life despite the hurt

15:19 How chanting helps her navigate so many projects and relationships

19:46 Angelica explains Nichiren Buddhism for new listeners

21:26 What Angelica’s chanting (and daily) routine looks like

24:03 Angelica’s dream for the rest of the 21st century

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