Anxiety, Self-Trust and Psychology

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Today’s episode is a conversation with psychologist Elizabeth Merrick about anxiety, therapy, Buddhism, and how they all connect. Sometimes it helps to examine what Buddhability looks like from different perspectives, identifying parallels between the work of experts in different fields and how Buddhism views the potential of human beings.

Elizabeth’s insights are unique because she has experience counseling young adults, training mental health professionals and being in therapy herself, all while practicing Buddhism.

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Cheat Sheet

1:27 How Elizabeth started practicing Buddhism

5:23 Context about her professional background as a psychologist

8:34 The most common mental health challenges she sees young adults struggle with today

11:22 Natural questions during different developmental stages

14:21 When you think something is wrong with you

21:16 Connections between Buddhism and psychology on our potential for change

27:58 What anxiety is and why we experience it

32:47 Overcoming anxiety

38:52 Why the core elements of Buddhist practice are effective

44:16 Chanting vs. mindfulness

47:00 The biggest change she’s experienced through chanting

54:49 The value of having a community

1:00 A favorite Buddhist quote

1:03:20 The difference between human revolution and self-improvement

1:08:01 Advice for anyone who is struggling with anxiety

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