Dream Job, How I Fight Climate Change

(Photo above by Patrick Campanale / Unsplash)

Deciding on your career is hard. If you’ve ever felt like what you’re passionate about and what you do for work don’t align, this episode is for you. Climate activist Roberta Giordano shares how she found the courage to make the bold decision of committing full time to fight climate change and how, through chanting, you can do the same, whatever your passion or cause might be.

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Cheat Sheet

1:22 Episode Intro

2:14 Intro to Roberta Giordano

4:15 How her childhood fears influenced her career

7:08 How she started practicing Buddhism in college

12:00 The first steps she took to fight climate change

15:21 How chanting helped her decide what impact she could make

18:35 The difference between actually believing in yourself vs. telling yourself to

19:50 How chanting can help you process your feelings and take action

22:11 How Roberta found the courage to choose a career in climate finance

27:00 What to do when you feel small or overwhelmed along your way

31:00 Key takeaways from Roberta’s story

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