Finding my purpose as a journalist

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Today we’re talking with journalist Melissa Hirsch about how her Buddhist practice helped her navigate her career journey. This episode is especially relevant for anyone who may have a dream they are pursuing but is finding the path to get there a bit more winding than they expected. Melissa explains how chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo helped her transform her childhood dream of becoming a journalist into a deep desire to use her voice for justice.

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Cheat Sheet

1:04 How Melissa started practicing Buddhism

6:46 Why she wanted to pursue journalism

9:05 Her first steps on her career path

15:03 The tension between survival and purpose

18:08 The challenges she faced in graduate school

22:35 How chanting helped her succeed in her investigative work

25:54 Overcoming social anxiety and imposter syndrome

32:40 Melissa’s favorite Buddhist quote

37:35 How her growing sense of purpose allowed her to open a new career path

45:48 What she does now

49:05 The role that the Buddhist community played in her journey

51:20 What true confidence is

53:10 Advice for anyone navigating their career

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