Healing family rifts when you don’t share beliefs

(Photo above courtesy of Molly Leebove)

Today we’re talking about family and what to do if you just can’t reconcile differences with them.

Our guests are sisters Lauren and Molly Leebove from Michigan, whose intertwined stories of beginning their Buddhist practice and transforming their relationship with their parents are rich with lessons on what Buddhability looks like in a family setting.

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Cheat Sheet

1:22 Quote from Daisaku Ikeda in The New Human Revolution, vol. 26 p. 203–4.

2:04 Introduction to Molly and Lauren

2:54 How Molly started practicing SGI Nichiren Buddhism

5:45 What Lauren’s reaction was to her sister’s practice and why she started her own

7:37 What it was like growing up eight years apart

12:08 Lauren’s struggle with her mental health in college

17:28 How they both ended up back home in Michigan

19:37 How Molly decided to challenge her struggle with being home

21:44 The Buddhist concept “transforming karma into mission”

24:12 How Lauren’s life changed when she started chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo

26:43 Why caring for others can be so healing

30:42 What it takes to set aside political or social differences

39:31 How Lauren transformed rejection into shared love

44:56 How starting fresh in every moment can change relationship dynamics

51:58 What uniting for family harmony looks like

56:31 How Buddhism changed my sister

61:06 Advice for anyone struggling with a family rift

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