How to get unstuck from a monotonous daily life

(Photo above by Miguel Mallari / Pexels)

Today we’re talking about work and more specifically, how to deal with feeling stuck. If you’re feeling trapped by your job or routine, or if you have a secret dream that you haven’t yet had the courage to pursue, this episode is for you.

Our guest is Clara Kitongo, a young woman who started practicing Buddhism at a time when she was really feeling stuck in her career and life. Her journey with chanting opened up an entirely new perspective on what a creative life means, and now she’s living the life she always wanted.

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Cheat Sheet

1:04 Introduction to Clara

3:27 How she got stuck in a “treadmill type existence”

6:04 What her dreams had been before she got stuck

7:44 When and why she started practicing Buddhism

11:36 How to become free from the chains of your own mind

17:45 How she found her place in the workforce after school

33:39 How she dealt with her pain along the journey

35:36 What Buddhism says about opening the door to your life

42:18 What a creative life really means

44:49 How to deal with the opinions of others

49:55 Advice for anyone feeling afraid to open the door to their own life

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