How to open a new path if you’re feeling stuck where you are

(Photo above by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

Today we are talking about how to open a new path if you’re feeling stuck where you are, whether at work or in any other situation.

Our guest is Fernanda Kelly, actress, entrepreneur and TV and radio host. While her career in media has been successful, Fernanda’s childhood dream was always to be an actress. Today, she opens up about what it took for her to grapple with that dream not coming true in the way she hoped, and how she used her Buddhist practice to deepen her faith in herself and become a person of action.

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Cheat Sheet

0:57 How and why Fernanda starting chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo

3:13 The first benefits she saw from her practice

6:39 The internal shift she began to experience naturally

10:24 Where her dream of acting was born

12:29 How she dealt with the struggle of achieving this dream

18:36 What steps she took to open a new path for herself

21:45 What winning means

23:54 Her favorite Buddhist concept

25:20 What she’s working on now

27:00 Her “why”

28:49 Advice for anyone who might be feeling stuck right now

29:53 How having a sense of purpose helps us unlock our Buddhability

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