I overcame my biggest setback. Now anything is possible.

(Photo above by Tristan Williams)

Today, we’re talking about how Buddhism sees obstacles, particularly those big challenges life throws your way when you least expect it.

Our guest is Brian Lindgren, of Virginia, who shares how his Buddhist practice helped him challenge his circumstances with fresh energy, find a life in music and understand the deeper meaning of his problems.

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Cheat Sheet

1:30 How Brian encountered Buddhism

10:40 Trying to create a life as a musician in New York and facing financial setbacks

20:00 Re-imagining his dream and going back to school.

30:30 The bike accident that changes everything.

40:40 In recovery, Brian brings out his grit and determination like never before.

58:50 Getting into his PhD program and solidifying a life in music.

1:03:25 Now that he overcame his biggest setback, he feels like anything is possible.

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