Six Questions About Love

(Photo above by Rikka Ameboshi)

Today we’re answering listener questions about love and relationships. We called up 3 people from our Buddhist community who have been chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo for a while now—Abby from Oakland, Rah’mad from Washington, D.C., and Erika from New Jersey—and asked them their honest answers to your questions.

The episode covers everything from what it takes to leave a bad relationship and how to move on when you do, to how to find your life partner and know if they are the one. You can listen all the way through or use the cheat sheet below to skip to specific questions.

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Cheat Sheet

1:36 Introduction to Abby

3:53 How can I get myself to leave a relationship that I know isn’t healthy?

19:32 How do I move on after a relationship ends?

24:56 Introduction to Rah’mad

28:26 How can I deal with unreciprocated love?

37:25 Help, I keep running into my ex.

41:32 What Buddhist idea or teaching should I base my relationships on?

44:59 Introduction to Erika

47:31 How should I chant about finding a life partner, and how will I know if they are the one?

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