When you feel like you don’t belong anywhere

(Photo above by Mati Mango / Pexels)

Feeling like you fit in is hard, especially when you have many different identities. If you’ve ever felt like you put on a different mask every place you go, this episode is for you. We speak with Falcon Sang, a young artist from L.A., about how practicing Buddhism helped him find himself.

Key takeaway: If you’re willing to dig deeper, you’ll find that Buddhability is universal, and it can help you connect with anyone.

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Cheat Sheet

00:30 Announcement: Send us your questions about love

1:13 Introduction to the episode

2:02 A little bit about Falcon’s childhood

6:26 Why it’s important to know who you are

7:26 How his childhood made him feel

9:58 Where he went looking for answers

18:07 Why Buddhism clicked for him

22:38 How loneliness can be turned into a source of strength

23:27 How Falcon’s anger started changing

27:28 How he found a sense of purpose

32:16 The passage that changed his life

37:32 His dream for the future

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