Why We Need a Supportive Community

It’s no exaggeration to say that now more than ever we need supportive spaces where anyone can feel welcome and heard. In fact, studies prove this. But how do we build this type of community when we are social distancing?

After a hectic work week or just long days of trying to figure out how to move forward, having a space to go to and be supported is everything. When you want to just give up, nothing is better than being reminded of how much potential and value you have (regardless of how you feel about yourself at the moment).

Building new connections with people can be nerve-racking sometimes. It’s easy to wonder what other people will think about us or whether we will fit in? But the reality is, we need other people in our lives to keep going. Life isn’t a solo act. It’s by interacting with other people that we grow and develop as individuals.

For Buddhists, creating judgment-free spaces is essential to living a happy life.

For Buddhists, creating judgment-free spaces is essential to living a happy life. That’s why we regularly attend Buddhist community meetings in our local neighborhoods. Since the pandemic, we have been meeting by Zoom for everyone’s safety but the care and support we feel toward each other has stayed the same. If anything, it has only grown stronger.

What to Expect

First of all, come as you are. No need to wear yoga pants because it’s a Buddhist meeting, unless of course you want to. Just like any online meeting, you can be at your desk, chilling on the floor or in your living room. Wherever you feel most comfortable.

You can use your computer, smartphone or tablet and, when you log on to the meeting, you’ll be welcomed by an amazing fellow Buddhist who will kick off that meeting’s topic. These range from “What is happiness?” to “The Buddhist perspective on human relationships.”

Welcome to a virtual Buddhist meeting. Can you feel the joy?

The purpose of Buddhism is to actually see positive changes in your life. This is why you’ll also hear at these meetings everyday people share their experiences using their practice of chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo to overcome challenges with relationships, work, family, loneliness, etc.

The meetings last about an hour or less, and if you’d like to participate in the discussion, you are more than welcome to but no pressure. You can learn a lot just by listening and being in a supportive space.

What You’ll Need

Trick question! All you really need are an open mind and to be yourself.

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