My First Days Chanting, A Buddhability Journey

(Photo above by Visually Us / Pexels)

We are excited to announce something special today—A 28 Day Buddhability Journey—which we’re kicking off on February 1. It’s a monthlong challenge to chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo every day for however long you’d like, and it’s open to anyone, whether you’re brand new to chanting or just want a reason to refresh your practice.

Sign-up at buddhability.org/journey for all the details!

Before we start the journey together, we thought it would helpful to talk to someone who is currently on this journey herself. So we called up Shannon Griffin, 26, of Philadelphia, who started chanting in March, right at the beginning of the pandemic.

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Cheat Sheet

0:22 Introducing A Buddhability Journey

1:58 The first time Shannon ever chanted

2:55 Why she decided to try chanting every day

6:36 What the initial days felt like

11:13 How she decided what to chant about

13:56 The changes she started seeing in her daily life

17:49 A Buddhist concept that stood out to her

21:20 How Shannon came to define her own Buddhability

23:43 How she set goals for 2021

26:47 Advice for anyone who is thinking about doing the Buddhability Journey

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