What it means to value your life

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Today we’re talking about the amazing difference that a month of chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo can make in your life, told through the story of Alex McClintock, of Hawaii.

Alex is currently a diver in the Coast Guard, one of the hardest careers to train for, but his story starts in his early 20s when he felt completely stagnant. After dropping out of college and feeling increasingly lost, Alex decided to try chanting for one month, just to see what happened. He quickly realized that he didn’t value his own life, and as he took the steps to build his confidence, he changed everything.

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Cheat Sheet

1:13 Introduction to Alex

1:24 Why Alex decided to try chanting for a month

5:08 Two things that changed right away

10:04 How he decided to join the Coast Guard

12:46 What the struggle to value his life looked like

17:00 Alex’s journey through dive school

23:25 How his Buddhist practice turned him into a person of action

29:23 The struggle to pass exams after dive school

34:37 The role of the Buddhist community in his transformation

38:27 His favorite Buddhist quote

40:34 Advice for anyone who wants to value their life more greatly

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